Playground vr

Bring the playground to the hospital bed

What do children miss the most in the hospital? Playing outside! But some sick children are not even allowed to leave their beds or rooms. PlaygroundVR wants to let those children also play with each other. And in our cheerful, virtual playground, they can play together with other children from the same department.

In virtual reality, sick children experience a completely different environment. There they are free to do whatever they want. They even forget they are sick. Research even shows that they feel less pain during, for example, an unpleasant injection! And in a playground, children learn to be social and creative.

Playground vr

Playing is essential for a child's recovery

Children usually process experiences that impress them by playing. Playing helps them to recover not only physically, but also mentally.

In addition, playing provides relaxation and fun. The virtual playground brings children together in a playful way, even when they cannot leave their room. Children who would otherwise never meet each other get to know each other this way.

by using vr-goggles it's possible to play 'outside' from your bed!
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