Foss Lux are products based on the modern LED-lighting. With Foss Lux we create a pleasant atmosphere in your examination room. Please note: all of our LED equipment are tailor made for your room!

LED lighting

Foss Lux Echo

Foss Lux Echo is a light environment based on LED lighting, specially made for rooms where ultrasound equipment is used.

The green color of Foss lux Echo gives a better contrast on the screens and therefore the diagnostics in a room illuminated by Foss Lux Echo is better.

Foss Lux Echo is a combination of warm-white light and green light (switchable) and comes with 60x60 LED ceiling panels and a wall switch. The LED panels are dimmable.

LED lighting

Foss Lux Spot

Via LED-spots we create an atmosphere to your wishes. All colours of the rainbow, including warm-white can be showed.

LED lighting

Foss Lux Strip

Foss Lus Strip is a product to lighten out specific places in your room. Our architects can help you out with the lighting plan.

LED ambience lighting

LED lighting

Foss Lux Panel

Foss Lux Panel comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Starting from 15x15 cm up to the size you want. With these panels we create the atmosphere you have in mind.
LED lighting

Foss Lux uDesk

Foss Lux uDesk is designed specially for the medical specialist(s) who are performing diagnosis on high-end diagnostic monitors. Our uDesk takes care that these monitors are not getting out of calibration due to the indirect light.
led lighting
Sky Ceiling Panels
Acoustic Panels

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