Your patients will experience the medical examination as never before: positive, relaxed, surprised.

Healing Environment

In a medical examination, patients, especially children, are anxious and tense about what awaits them, which is very logical of course. Sometimes it's the big scary devices in a clinical, sterile white room.

Children are less able to lie still because of this anxiety and tension, which the research cannot be performed optimally.

Distraction has a positive effect on the state of mind of the patient and this ensures that the relevant research can be carried out properly and successfully.

Several studies have shown that nature has a positive influence on our well-being and that it can have a healing effect or speed up the recovery process of patients.

To ensure quality we have a close cooperation with our partners. We work together with a professional nature photographer. Together we ensure the right "Healing Environment".


Catharina Hospital Eindhoven (Netherlands)
installed: Digital interactive aquarium

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